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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Silverton Casino Free Aquarium

    One of my favorite places to take my little ones is the Silverton Casino free aquarium. Normally, we will go to the buffet and then follow that up with the aquarium. On a good day we will catch the mermaid. For a schedule of when to see the mermaid, or live feeding you can check their website here. I’ve always liked the cylinder aquarium. It is beautiful. I love the aquarium even more now. Seeing things through DJ and Brooklyn’s eyes is such an amazing experience. DJ wants us to get fish for the house now. Both of them will just stare at the fish for as long as we…

  • 5 Must Visit Places On The Las Vegas Strip For Families
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    5 Must Visit Places On The Las Vegas Strip For Families

    I feel as though a very common idea is that Las Vegas is not for families. That may be true if you’re only coming to Las Vegas to gamble and drink; however, if you’re coming to have an actual family vacation than you can easily achieve just that. There are many places all over Las Vegas for families to go. This is just a list of my¬†five favorites on the Las Vegas Strip for families. If you decide to have a dinner for just the adults I recommend Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, which you can read about in this blog post. 1) Circus Circus Adventuredome Adventuredome is an indoor theme…