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    Mother’s Day Brunch Menu ideas

    As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to start planning the perfect day for the remarkable women in our lives. What better way to show your love than with a Mother’s Day brunch? I know as a Mom I always appreciate being cooked for on Mother’s Day, and I love brunch. There are so many different options out there to make the perfect Mother’s Day brunch menu, but I feel like it’s hard to choose. I compiled a list of all different choices to add to your brunch menu this year. To make it a bit easier, I am splitting the list into sweet and savory. Mother’s Day Brunch Menu Ideas…

  • 20 Fourth of July Recipes to Try This Year | The Vegas Mom
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    20 Fourth of July Recipes to Try This Year

    Fourth of July is just around the corner. I don’t know about you but I never know what to make. I know what to make; however, I get tired of making the same traditional things. That lead me to search around to find new recipes that sound delicious to try this year. I found so many it was hard to choose from, and compiled a list to share with all of you. There is all different things to choose from. In fact, there are 20 Fourth of July recipes on this list. 20 Fourth of July Recipes to Try This Year Drinks 1 Bomb Pop Shot –Occasional Cocktails 2 Fourth of…

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    The Easiest Way to Decorate Christmas Cookies with Kids

    It has been a long year since I’ve last posted. I have a ton of blog posts in my drafts that I couldn’t finish. It’s been a hard year, but also a great year in a lot of ways. One of the best things is that we bought a house! This is our first Christmas season in our own home. I have been wanting to make this year extra special. I’ve been decorating the whole house, doing extra special Christmas activities, and we even got an Elf on the Shelf for the first time. His name is Jingle. One thing I have been wanting to do is decorate cookies with…

  • The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Recipes |
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    The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Recipes

    We are a little over a week away from Thanksgiving, and I’m in the process of finalizing our meals. We always have a pernil and turkey; however, I love to add new sides, drinks, desserts, and appetizers. I found a total of thirty six recipes to share with all of you! That is why I called this post the ultimate list of thanksgiving recipes. I broke the recipes down by section. That way it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. Honestly, I definitely found some new recipes I will be trying out this year. I’m talking about you Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria. The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving…

  • 13 Delicious Brunch Recipes |

    13 Delicious Brunch Recipes

    My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and one of my favorite things is brunch. I love that during brunch there are different options from savory to sweet. Brunch for me is an all out thing. I save it for holidays, and sometimes birthdays. I decided this year I want to do a big brunch for my birthday, because I’m not doing anything else due to COVID. During my search for the perfect brunch recipes, I decided to compile a list of my favorite delicious brunch recipes for all of you as well. I will be sharing what I choose for my birthday on my Instagram. 13 Delicious…

  • Stuffed Peppers |

    Stuffed Peppers

    I’m back with another recipe! I haven’t been posting many recipes recently, and that makes me a little sad. I’ll be honest though, David made these. I have to give him all of the credit, because they were delicious! When I was younger my Nana would make stuffed peppers, but I wasn’t a fan. I assume it’s because it’s food inside of a green pepper. What kid likes green peppers? Definitely not me. I love them now though. Stuffed Peppers are an entire meal inside of a hollowed green pepper. Whats not to love? Stuffed Peppers I started out by combining the ground beef and italian ground sausage, and cooking…

  • Single Serving Sparkling Sangria |

    Single Serving Sparkling Sangria

    Summer is approaching, and we’re spending most of our days outside. One of my favorite drinks to have on a hot day is sangria. The problem is that I don’t drink it often, and nobody else drinks it. That means a big pitcher goes to waste. I wanted to find my perfect sangria that I could make a glass at a time. Thats how I created this single serving sparkling sangria recipe. The addition of seltzer makes this sangria even better, because it keeps it light enough if I want more than one. Single Serving Sparkling Sangria This recipe is insanely easy. I started by adding a handful of frozen…

  • White Chocolate Peppermint Bark |
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    White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

    Welcome to Blogmas day six! I’m today with another recipe post. Actually, I’m back with another chocolate and mint recipe post. Today I’m sharing with you my white chocolate peppermint bark recipe. I know I say everything I make it simple or easy; however, this time I mean it. It only takes two ingredients to make this. It’s so delicious that you won’t be able to put it down. I said last time I only like a little bit of mint with chocolate, but this is the exception. Somehow the mix of the white chocolate and candy cane together just works so well. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may…

  • Instant Pot Peppermint Hot Chocolate |
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    Instant Pot Peppermint Hot Chocolate

    Welcome to day three of Blogmas! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite winter drinks, Instant Pot peppermint hot chocolate. I love the mix of mint and chocolate; however, I only like a hint of mint. In addition, I love anything I can make in my Instant Pot. I hope after you try this it makes you feel as cozy as I do. You can make this recipe even if you don’t like peppermint by leaving out a single ingredient. Items Needed: Instant Pot Measuring Cups and Spoons Whisk Instant Pot Peppermint Hot Chocolate Firstly, I wanted to say this is the easier hot chocolate I have ever made. That…

  • Pumpkin Pie French Toast |

    Pumpkin Pie French Toast

    It’s November, and that means I can incorporate pumpkin pie into everything. Right? I love changing up breakfast. I wanted to find a way to make pumpkin pie into a breakfast. This is where my pumpkin pie french toast was born. It’s so easy. Honestly, I’m kind of mad I didn’t make this before this year. Trust me when I say that this is going to become a fall staple in your house. Of course, that’s if you love pumpkin pie. Items Used: Cast Iron Pan Mixing Bowl Whisk Spatula   Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. See…