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    Diaper Bag Must Haves with Three Kids

    It has been a long time since I needed a diaper bag. In fact, I never thought I’d need one again. When we decided to have a third baby it hadn’t even crossed my mind for several months that I’d need to start carrying a diaper bag again. It took me a few outings to perfect what I needed to put inside. I had forgotten how awesome having one is, especially with three kids. In addition to all the items I’m going to have listed below, I always add in a light sweater and snacks for my six and seven year olds. I currently am using a diaper backpack, and…

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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Chuck E. Cheese Summer Fun Passes

    One thing about Las Vegas in the summer is that it gets way too hot to go outside. We are always looking for something fun to do indoors. A lot of the time we end up just staying inside. That is why I was so excited to learn about the Chuck E. Cheese Summer Fun Passes. It is 8 weeks of play for a great price. I was lucky enough to be gifted a gold pass from Chuck E. Cheese. You can purchase your own on the app or in stores. Pricing Bronze ($49.99-$59.99) One 30 minute card per week (up to 8 weeks) $25 Birthday Party discount One Pass…

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    5 Vacation Spots for Families

    When it comes to planning a family vacation, the options can seem endless. From theme parks to beach getaways, national parks to ski resorts, it can be difficult to decide where to go. I’ve rounded up some of the best vacation spots for families, no matter what your interests and budget may be. Disney World and Disneyland These two iconic destinations are a no-brainer for families with young children. With a variety of rides and attractions, not to mention the beloved Disney characters, both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California offer a magical experience for the whole family. Beach Destinations Nothing says “vacation” quite like a trip to…

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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Las Vegas Aviators Games

    My family loves baseball. Back when we still lived in New York, David & I would go to Yankee games all the time. It was one of our favorite things to do. After moving to Las Vegas we were bummed there was no MLB team here; however, there is an MiLB team. In the 2019 season the 51’s changed their name to Aviators and got a new ballpark. We never went to a game when they were the 51’s, but we went to our first game in April 2019 when they moved locations. Our kids were only 2 and 4 that year so we decided to wait another year to…

  • 16 Adorable Christmas Crafts to Do with Your Family | The Vegas Mom
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    16 Adorable Christmas Crafts to Do with Your Family

    One thing I love to do to bring more Christmas joy into my house is crafts. I love for them to range from extremely simple to a little bit harder; however, I want it to be something that my kids can still do. The other things I like is a lot of times these crafts are something I can do after Christmas, because they are things like snowmen. I rounded up 16 adorable Christmas crafts for you to try out this year with your family. I haven’t done all of them yet, but I am saving them for after Christmas and next year. 16 Adorable Christmas Crafts 1 Fingerprint Christmas…

  • 15 Thanksgiving Crafts You Need to Make ASAP |
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    15 Thanksgiving Crafts You Need to Make

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Honestly, I’m not a huge Thanksgiving person; however, I want DJ and Brooklyn to love every holiday. I was looking for some crafts that I could do, and some craft they can do. I compiled a list of 15 Thanksgiving crafts that I loved. Truthfully, I’ll probably only do one of these adult crafts, because I am not very crafty. I may end up doing almost all of these kids ones with DJ and Brooklyn the week of Thanksgiving. DJ’s school gives him off that entire week. That means we will have plenty of time to craft. 15 Thanksgiving Crafts Adults Wood Pumpkin for…

  • 5 COVID Safe Things to do this Halloween Season in Las Vegas |
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    5 COVID Safe Things to do this Halloween Season in Las Vegas

    We are in the midst of Halloween season; however, this year is much different from normal. Usually, I’m getting ready to go to trunk or treats during the month, and trick or treating on Halloween night. Halloween is even on a Saturday this year. I figured it would be a long day of on and off trick or treating. Unfortunately, COVID is still a problem. In addition, we have a few high risk people in our family to worry about. I wanted to find some things we could do that are still safe to participate in.  We will be skipping trick or treating all together. I won’t even be handing…

  • Cute Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Kids This Fall |
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    6 Cute Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Kids This Fall

    Halloween is right around the corner! Once it is October I will be playing Halloween movies and shorts non-stop for DJ and Brooklyn. There are plenty of Halloween movies that are way too scary for kids. In addition, the Halloween movies for kids are scattered through all different platforms. I wanted to compile a list of six cute Halloween movies for you to watch with the kids in your life. I’ve linked them to exactly where you can watch them. You’ll find these movies on Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. I have watched all of these movies over the years, and they are all so adorable. 6 Cute Halloween Movies…

  • Things to Help Keep You in the Halloween Spirit |
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    Things to Help Keep You in the Halloween Spirit

    Halloween is right around the corner, but with COVID this year is going to be different. I know there are people who are comfortable taking their kids trick-or-treating; however, my husband and I are not. Instead we are going to be throwing the kids a Halloween party. Halloween is on a Saturday, which means I have an entire day to fill with fun stuff. I figured there are other people like me and my husband. That is why I compiled a list of things to help keep you in the Halloween spirit this year. There is a good mix of snacks, decor, crafts, and even party ideas. Things to Help…

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    DJ’s 5th Birthday

    I cannot believe DJ is officially five. I don’t know where the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was holding a brand new newborn in my arms. Now he’s a big boy. I am so proud of everything he’s learned and done in the last five years. DJ’s 5th birthday party was Minecraft themed. He was in heaven. He’s currently Minecraft obsessed. This year was definitely a little different from normal since we are in the middle of a pandemic. I still wanted him to have a great birthday either way. My main goal was to make sure I had green every where. In addition, I wanted…