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    15 Thanksgiving Crafts You Need to Make

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Honestly, I’m not a huge Thanksgiving person; however, I want DJ and Brooklyn to love every holiday. I was looking for some crafts that I could do, and some craft they can do. I compiled a list of 15 Thanksgiving crafts that I loved. Truthfully, I’ll probably only do one of these adult crafts, because I am not very crafty. I may end up doing almost all of these kids ones with DJ and Brooklyn the week of Thanksgiving. DJ’s school gives him off that entire week. That means we will have plenty of time to craft. 15 Thanksgiving Crafts Adults Wood Pumpkin for…

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    Creating a Cleaning Schedule

    One thing that I find when it comes to cleaning is that I tend to get overwhelmed. I start to clean in one area of the house, and then end up cleaning a little bit all over. The end result is that it looks like I haven’t cleaned at all. It can be discouraging to say the least. I decided that with the start of the new year one of my goals would be to create, and stick to, a cleaning schedule. Creating a cleaning schedule was easier than I thought. I searched Pinterest and the Internet, and got a general idea of what I should be doing. Once I…