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Creating a Cleaning Schedule

One thing that I find when it comes to cleaning is that I tend to get overwhelmed. I start to clean in one area of the house, and then end up cleaning a little bit all over. The end result is that it looks like I haven’t cleaned at all. It can be discouraging to say the least. I decided that with the start of the new year one of my goals would be to create, and stick to, a cleaning schedule. Creating a cleaning schedule was easier than I thought. I searched Pinterest and the Internet, and got a general idea of what I should be doing. Once I was done with my schedule cleaning didn’t look as overwhelming. I decided that the best way for me is to break it down by what needs to get done everyday, and then what room or area I want to focus on each particular day.

Everyday Cleaning

I thought about the things that I need to do everyday to make sure the house doesn’t start looking cluttered.  Another thing I thought about was what would pile up if I didn’t make sure it was done. I came up with the following:

Make the bed.
Clean side tables.
Clean up the kitchen after meals.
Make sure all the laundry is in the hamper.
Pick up toys and books before nap time and bed time.

I knew that with these 5 tasks I could help keep the house feeling a bit more clean every day.

I broke down Monday through Friday into different rooms of the house that made the most sense to my family. 

Monday: Bedrooms

This includes my bedroom, and the kid’s bedroom. I wanted to start the week with the bedrooms, because after a weekend of relaxing with David off, I know they need help. My tasks for Monday are:

Wash all of the sheets.
Dust the surfaces and blinds.

Monday is fairly easy, but starting the week off with a clean room and sheets really makes a difference.

Tuesday: Bathrooms

The next room is my house that I want to get cleaned towards the beginning of the week is our bathrooms. I like having the room we get clean in to actually be clean. I’ve been using the tub & tile cleaner and the glass cleaning from Grove Collaborative, and I love it. It smells so good, and everything is actually clean. My tasks for Tuesday are:

Wash towels and bath mats.
Clean mirrors.
Deep clean toilet, tub, shower, and sink.
Empty trash.

Wednesday: Living Room

The living room is one the rooms that I feel is both well managed, yet always destroyed. Since I’m always cleaning up the toys and books twice a day for a little bit while the kids are sleeping the room looks clean. On the other hand, this is one of the most used room in the house. It definitely needs some love. My tasks for Wednesdays are:

Wipe down and dust surfaces.
Wash couch cushions every other week.
Change fish bowl‘s water.

Thursday: Kitchen

The kitchen is the room that while I am cleaning up after meals, and keeping up with dishes, it seems to always need more attention when it comes to cleaning. It might be the extra living space we have attached. I’m not sure. Thursday’s definitely take the longest amount of time. I chose Thursday for the kitchen, because Friday is trash day. Simple as that. My tasks for Thursday are:

Clean out the refrigerator.
Wipe down counters.
Clean microwave.
Clean oven.
De-clutter bar cart, and love-seat.
Wipe down all cabinets.
Take out the trash.

Friday: Laundry

Friday is both one of the best days of the week, and the worst. I love Friday, because its the last day of the week before David’s home for the weekend. I hate Friday, because I hate doing laundry. Well, I hate is a strong word. I’m just not a fan. It’s a lot of laundry, and a weeks worth of laundry takes all day. On top of the normal wash, dry, fold, and put away. Which for some reason the putting away is the part I loathe the most. I make sure to steam David’s work clothes, because he has to wear business attire to work. This definitely takes me all day, but it’s constantly being done is small bursts all day.

I hope you find this helpful. You can check out my post on time management during nap time here.

Do you have a cleaning schedule?
What are some of your favorite cleaning hacks and tips?





  • Raina

    I love this idea! I tend to just wing my way through cleaning every week and always feel behind! Having a consistent schedule will definitely make it all easier to manage and take away a lot of the stress!!!

  • Iris

    This is a great blog. I love your organization. I am an organizational guru as well. I love cleaning certain places/things each day of the week. I love that the schedule works for me and that I don’t have to think about what to clean, I just know it’s a Wednesday, and that’s my day to clean the kitchen. As my husband tells me, our house is never messy. 🙂

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