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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for 4-5 Year Olds

We’re rounding up our first week of gift guides with my 2019 holiday gift guide for 4-5 year olds. I’m not planning on doing any older ages, because I don’t have any children older than four. One thing I would like to mention before getting into this gift guide is that experiences make amazing gifts at this age. Experiences make great gifts for older kids as well. In addition, there are so many other great ideas for this age. I wanted to narrow it down to ten for all of you.

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for 4-5 Year Olds | www.thevegasmom.com

Costzon Dollhouse

I loved this doll house, because it is a great price and has great reviews. It includes 13 pieces of furniture.

Play-Doh Stamp ‘n Top Pizza Oven Toy

All kids loves Play-Doh. I feel like waiting until this age is best, because sometimes when they’re younger they try to eat it. Especially when it looks like the Play-Doh is a pizza. It comes with the pizza oven toy and 5 different Play-Doh colors.

Minnie Mouse Bowdazzling Dress Up Trunk

This Minnie Mouse dress up trunk comes with twenty-one pieces; four tops, three skirts, two satin headbands, one Minnie Mouse ears Headband with two interchangeable bows, one necklace, three bangles, three rings, one sticker sheet, and a reusable cardboard storage trunk. That is a great deal for only $29.99. It is perfect for any Minnie Mouse loving child.

Sight Word Readers Parent Pack

This is the perfect age to start learning how to read. Kids are going into kindergarten or pre-k around this age. There is 25 books that teach 50 sight words. In addition, it comes with a little workbook to write the sight words along with each book.

Let’s Go Fishin’

DJ loved his Let’s Go Fishin’ game. We ended up not playing with it anymore, because Brooklyn would put the small fish in her mouth when she was younger. This is the Amazon exclusive version. It comes with the game, and the Lucky Ducks make-a-match card game. It’s a great game to teach hand eye coordination.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

There is 484 pieces in this LEGO box. It’s also great for creative play.


This is the 100th anniversary tin. There is 111 wood pieces. Just like the LEGOs this is great for creative play.

Shifu Plugocount

This is meant for 5-10 year olds, but it’s still something I would get for DJ. It will continue to help them with math and STEM.

9 Puzzle Globe

This is such a fun way to teach geography. They get to learn where the different continents are, how to spell them, and what animals are there. It also shows famous landmarks and the names of the oceans.

10 Elsa’s Ice Palace by Little People

We love Little People here, and Brooklyn loves Frozen. Frozen is well-loved by many children, and now Frozen 2 is coming out. This is definitely a fun gift to give to a Frozen fan.


I hope you found some great ideas in my 2019 holiday gift guide for 4-5 year olds. Check out my other gift guides and holiday content.

Would you get any of these gifts for your child?

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