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5 Bottle Feeding Must Haves

How you end up feeding your baby always seems to cause a lot of controversy. I don’t really understand it. As long as your baby is fed that should be all that matters. I ended up having to formula feed since I didn’t produce any milk. Nevertheless, whether you formula feed or pump you will end up bottle feeding (unless you strictly breastfeed without pumping). These are my 5 bottle feeding must haves.

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5 Bottle Feeding Must Haves | www.thevegasmom.com


This one is obvious, but what bottles you pick will make a huge difference. I prefer the Dr Brown’s Options bottles. The vent was extremely helpful for preventing gas. We had tried the Avent bottles first, and switching over was a lifesaver.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

For the first 4 months I mixed my formula the regular way, but in large batches. I would do a days worth of bottles before bed every single night. I’d have to use the bottle warmer in the middle of the night with a screaming hungry newborn waiting for it to get to the right temperature. Once I bought this it was amazing, it took little to no time to get the bottle ready for DJ. When we had Brooklyn, and I failed to produce milk again, I brought it back out. It was definitely worth the price.

Bottle Brush

I’ve used a bunch of difference bottle brushes. I don’t really have a favorite one. The best quality one I used was the Dr Brown’s one… most likely since I was using Dr Brown’s bottles. Don’t worry about the one you get though. My only real recommendation is to get one that has a small tiny brush on the opposite side for cleaning the bottle nipple.

Boon Drying Grass & Twig

This isn’t really a necessity, but I love it. I love having a set place to dry the bottles without taking over the counters or regular drying rack.

Bottle Warmer

Although I didn’t need one after buying the Formula Pro, if you don’t buy it then you will most likely be needing a bottle warmer. Another thing I’d do is if I was going out of town or to a friend’s house I’d prepare my bottles, put them in the fridge at their house, and then warm them in the warmer.


Let me know your bottle feeding must haves! You can check out my newborn must haves here, and if you still need to create a registry you can set one up here on Amazon. Remember that every mom is going to feed their baby in the best way possible for that baby, so please don’t judge other moms. It’s hard enough being a new parent as it is.


  • kesi

    Great post! I breastfeed my little, but I can still attest to finding the right bottle, the bottle brush, and the bottle warmer on days when I pump!

  • LeeAnah

    My kids wouldn’t take bottles but my friends recommend trying different bottle brands until you find the right fit for you. Just because a brand may be the most popular or the coolest looking doesn’t mean your baby will actually accept that brand of bottle.

    • Samantha

      That’s definitely so true! I got the first bottles we used based off of the fact my brother used it. It was awful for us though, because it gave him extreme gas and stomach aches. After we did a little research and saw the Dr Brown’s bottles I did the switch and it was the best thing ever. I definitely recommend people go with whatever is best for their little one.

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