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    Diaper Bag Must Haves with Three Kids

    It has been a long time since I needed a diaper bag. In fact, I never thought I’d need one again. When we decided to have a third baby it hadn’t even crossed my mind for several months that I’d need to start carrying a diaper bag again. It took me a few outings to perfect what I needed to put inside. I had forgotten how awesome having one is, especially with three kids. In addition to all the items I’m going to have listed below, I always add in a light sweater and snacks for my six and seven year olds. I currently am using a diaper backpack, and…

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    Diaper Bag Essentials

    My Diaper Bag Essentials My diaper bag essentials has changed since DJ was first born. My diaper bag is no longer for one newborn, it is for 2 toddlers (1 year old girl & 2 year old boy). Surpringly, I am convinced I have the same amount or less than I had when I had just had one newborn. This list is suitable for all ages, just adjust according to age and the amount of children. I try to have one diaper per hour I think I’ll be out. Since DJ is potty training I don’t need as many for him. Diapers & Wipes These are the most obvious items…