Diaper Bag Must Haves with Three Kids

It has been a long time since I needed a diaper bag. In fact, I never thought I’d need one again. When we decided to have a third baby it hadn’t even crossed my mind for several months that I’d need to start carrying a diaper bag again. It took me a few outings to perfect what I needed to put inside. I had forgotten how awesome having one is, especially with three kids. In addition to all the items I’m going to have listed below, I always add in a light sweater and snacks for my six and seven year olds. I currently am using a diaper backpack, and I love it. My last two diaper bags were huge and harder to carry.

Diaper Bag Must Haves


This one should is fairly obvious, or rather it should be. The fact that I almost left for the baby’s first doctors appointment without them is insane to me.

Baby Wipes

Another item that should be obvious; however, I remember when my older two were small I would forget to check if I needed to put a new one in.

Changing Pad

Trust me when I tell you that even if where you’re going had a changing table, you need this. Changing tables are absolutely disgusting and can be dangerous for your baby. My diaper backpack apparently comes with one now, but when I bought it a few months back it did not. This one is adorable.

Burp Cloths

I use these way more than I thought I would. Every time I feed the baby I use these to clean her mouth. I don’t usually use them over my should when I burp her though.


I use blankets to cover the car seat in germy areas, for baby when it is cold, etc. If I ever leave the house without a blanket I will be so upset. Everywhere we go in the summer has the AC blasting, and the baby gets so cold.

Formula Dispenser

Formula is only good for an hour out of the fridge once it is made. Sometimes I will be out for several hours, and need a few bottles. This makes it super easy to prepare bottles on the go. I just add water to the bottles before I leave, and scoop out the formula needed into however many compartments I need that outing.

Extra Clothes

My diaper bag always has one footie pajama and one to two onesies in it at all times.


Obviously, I make sure to bring my own wallet. I always make sure I have all three kid’s insurance cards with me wherever we go as well.


I posted a diaper bag essentials post in May 2018, and I’d say a lot of that is still true this time around. I don’t bring toys for baby yet, but my older kids still ask me to put things in there for them. I know as my youngest gets older I will be changing what I keep in my bag; however, I’ll only be adding more stuff instead of removing things.  She is only 5 weeks old after all.

What was your diaper bag must haves that I don’t have on my list?

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