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    Sephora PLAY! | June 2018

    This month’s Sephora Play box did NOT disappoint. Lets dive in to the June 2018 box. As per usual the insert is very cute. Perfect Setting Powder | Cover FX It said on the insert I received the light medium color, but I actually received light translucent. I’m definitely excited to try this for setting my concealer. I don’t use powder anywhere else though, because I have extremely dry skin.   Melted Matte | Too Faced I am so happy about this product. Melted Mattes are my FAVORITE liquid lip apart from Colour Pop. I cannot wait to use this color. It’s definitely one of my favorite kind of shades.…

  • Little Boys Have Long Hair Too

    Little Boys Have Long Hair Too

    “She’s so cute!” “I love her hair!” These are two of the many statements I hear from strangers about my son DJ. My husband, David, and I always reply that DJ is in fact a boy. We are usually met with shock and a comment about his long hair. I’m not sure why even today long hair on boy is surprising. News flash boys have long hair too. Megan Fox recently shared a picture of her two boys on Instagram. She was shamed by people in the comments for letting her sons have long hair. They claimed she was encouraging them to act like little girls, and that she was a…