Little Boys Have Long Hair Too

Little Boys Have Long Hair Too

“She’s so cute!” “I love her hair!” These are two of the many statements I hear from strangers about my son DJ. My husband, David, and I always reply that DJ is in fact a boy. We are usually met with shock and a comment about his long hair. I’m not sure why even today long hair on boy is surprising. News flash boys have long hair too.

Megan Fox recently shared a picture of her two boys on Instagram. She was shamed by people in the comments for letting her sons have long hair. They claimed she was encouraging them to act like little girls, and that she was a terrible mother. How does that make any sense? Why is it such an unacceptable idea for little boys to have long hair?

Little Boys Have Long Hair Too
Megan Fox’s Instagram Post

When boys are no longer little and have become teenagers long hair is perfectly fine. Why doesn’t the same apply to little boys? There are actually schools where you must cut you son’s hair in order for him to attend school. Since when is it okay for a school to dictate a child’s hair? That should be between the parent and the child. In 2014 a boy was dismissed from his school on his very first day, because they said his hair could not be longer than his collar of his shirt, nor could he wear a ponytail. This boy was part of the Navajo Nation, and his family was forced to show proof before being able to return to school.

My own family is constantly telling me I need to cut DJ’s hair. I always say no. That answer will continue to stay a no until DJ tells me himself he wants short hair. There is no reason for us to cut his hair. He loves it and so do we. DJ will be 3 this August so I have started looking into charter schools in our area for preschool and kindergarten. I always make sure to check their dress code and policies to make sure he can keep his long hair if he attends their school.

Little Boys Have Long Hair Too

Little Boys Have Long Hair Too

Personally, I wish everybody would realize that it is perfectly fine if little boys have long hair too. It’s nobody’s business how parents decide to have their children wear their hair. Long hair isn’t hurting anyone. There are far more important things we should be worried about in this world.


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