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    Making The Most Of Nap Time

    As a parent, I find it hard to get everything I need done in a day. It was much more difficult when my little ones weren’t on the same schedule. Now that they are I find it much easier. I use nap time to do the bulk of the things I need to get done. Luckily for me DJ & Brooklyn nap for about 2-3 hours. One usually wakes up a little bit before the other, but I try to make it so I do most of what I need in a 2 hours window. I make sure I start as soon as I lay them down, I don’t wait…

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    What Do Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) Do All Day?

    What do SAHMs (stay at hom moms) really do all day? I mean it must be nice to sit around all day in your pajamas and do nothing except binge watch your favorite TV shows. That must be the life. I hear these comments far too many times a week… sometimes even in a single day. What I do all day is pretty simple: I make sure my children are happy and healthy, I try to keep the house as clean as possible while keeping an eye on a 2 year old & 1 year old, and I make 3 meals a day for my family (and supply my kids…