Making The Most Of Nap Time |

Making The Most Of Nap Time

As a parent, I find it hard to get everything I need done in a day. It was much more difficult when my little ones weren’t on the same schedule. Now that they are I find it much easier. I use nap time to do the bulk of the things I need to get done. Luckily for me DJ & Brooklyn nap for about 2-3 hours. One usually wakes up a little bit before the other, but I try to make it so I do most of what I need in a 2 hours window. I make sure I start as soon as I lay them down, I don’t wait until they fall asleep. I’m not the best at keeping myself to a list or schedule, but seeing as I want to make sure I get everything done I’ve learning to deal. Making the most of nap time has assured me that I will get things done.

Making The Most Of Nap Time |

Making The Most Of Nap Time

Tidying Up

The first thing I do once I lay down my littles ones is tidy up the toys they so nicely scattered throughout the family room. I follow that up by starting a load of laundry on laundry days. Folding the clothes is usually done once they are awake, but that’s okay with me. If it’s not laundry day I go right to switching out the dishwasher, followed by tidying up the kitchen.

Making The Most Of Nap Time |

Starting Dinner

Depending on what’s for dinner, I will usually start dinner after everything is clean. On the days I make dinner in the crock pot I do this step during breakfast. That gives me more time to work on my blog during nap time. You can checkout one of my meatball dinners here.

Making The Most Of Nap Time |

Blog Work

Nap time is used to tackle the social media side of my blog and post prepping. I work on my Instagram, respond to comments on my blog, and plan upcoming blogs. I use this time to take pictures for upcoming articles as well. Since one aspect of my blog is finding family friendly places in Las Vegas, I’ll spend time researching new places to go and document how much each place is. If it is a crock pot dinner day, like today, I will write a post during this time.

Making The Most Of Nap Time |


I make sure to stop whatever I’m doing on my blog about 30 minutes before the two hours is over to shower. If I still have plenty of time after the shower that’s great, but this way I’m able to get my shower in before they wake up.

Extra Time

Usually if I have time after my shower I will go back to blog work. Sometimes I will work on something else in the house that needs my attention. On the days where I feel extremely stressed I will use this time for reading or catching up on a show. I try to have my “me” time after they go to bed at night, but sometimes I need the extra time to just unwind.


How do you get everything you need to do done in a day? Do you use nap time?


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