Matching Family Holiday Pajamas |

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

One of my Christmas goals is to get my entire family in matching family holiday pajamas. David still isn’t sold on the idea, but I will get my way. David shouldn’t be surprised if on Christmas Eve I hand everyone pajamas. I decided to compile a list of my favorites for you. Only one of them isn’t affordable, but the other five are.

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas |

Kohl’s Hanukkuh Pajamas

Kohl’s has a good amount of holiday pajamas, but I wanted to share ones that weren’t Christmas related. Also, I’m sharing the non-sale price. Every time I have checked these pajamas are on sale.

Amazon: SleepytimePJs

I loved the idea of foot pajamas for the whole family. These look really comfortable too.

Old Navy

I love these, because they’re a black and white flannel look. There is no direct link to all of them. I’m going to share the links individually.
Women Men Kids Toddler & Baby


These would be the best ones for our family. DJ and Brooklyn are obsessed with Snoopy. In addition, I am obsessed with Peanuts as well.


These are another pair of adorable pajamas. I’ve always loved the idea of getting pajamas that say mama bear, papa bear, etc. I need to link them all separately as well.
Women Men Girls Boys Toddler Baby

Hanna Anderson

These are definitely the most expensive on the list. However, I love gnomes and these are adorable.


What do you think about matching holiday family pajamas? I hope you find some cute ones from this list. Fingers crossed we wear them this year.
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