Children's Book of the Week: Neon Tiki Tribe |

Children’s Book of the Week: Neon Tiki Tribe

I’m back with another book of the week. Actually, this is a set of thirteen books. I was actually sent these books, but was not to do a review or anything in return for them. However, I really wanted to share these books with you. I think these books would be a great present for any child. It doesn’t matter if you have read it to them or if they read. First, I wanted to mention that they use a specific font for dyslexic readers called Dyslexie. If you ask me that is amazing.

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Neon TIKI Tribe

Children's Book of the Week: Neon Tiki Tribe |

Neon TIKI Tribe currently has thirteen books for sale. I’m going to share each of them with you, and then share a page from one of my favorites. My kids have their favorite, but I have mine for a very different reason. One of the things I love about all of the books is that there is a strong sense of morals throughout. The TIKIs are great role models for children. There are four TIKIs; Dar, Zeke, Tia, and Mowah. TIKI stands for “Thoughtful Intelligent Kind Individuals.” I’m going to share each book individually with links to purchase them if you wanted to.


Home Run Pride: Reading With The Tribe
Theme: Family Literacy

This is DJ and Brooklyn’s favorite, because it involves baseball.

Digging Up Adventure 
Theme: Battling Boredom

Ethan Sparks Trouble
Theme: Fire Safety

Bullies: Playground Push-Around 
Theme: Bullying

Bad Sport Braakus & The Hidden Humbug 
Theme: Sportsmanship

Tia & the A-Maze-ing Mirrors 
Theme: Body Image

Brave Hope Hospital
Theme: Hope

Dog Rescue Mission 
Theme: Honesty

Rise of Kunatos 
Theme: Perseverance

TIKI Beach Battle 
Theme: Ocean Clean Up

An Exploding Beginning 
Theme: Following Good Advice

Gigabytes of Disaster 
Theme: Internet Safety
This is one of my favorites, because it talks about how you never really know who you are talking to. Anybody could be on the other side of the computer.

Strangers: The Ku Kidnapping
Theme: Child Safety
This is definitely my favorite, because we all want to keep our kids safe. Also, it teaches them not to get into the car with strangers.

In conclusion all of these books would be great for kids from around two to maybe ten. In addition to that they would make great gifts for the Holidays.
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Which book would you like most based off of the theme?

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