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12 Father’s Day Crafts to Make With Your Kids

Father’s Day is next weekend, and it’s time for me to have DJ and Brooklyn make David something. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the craftiest person. I spend a lot of time searching Pinterest for the perfect gift. I figured there is probably more people like me who need a little help to figure out what to make. Instead of you searching for hours on Pinterest, I decided to make a list of Father’s Day crafts you can make with your kids. Hopefully, this makes things easier for you.


12 Father’s Day Craft to Make With Your Kids

1 DIY Photo Display for Father’s DayThe Boondocks Blog

2 Rock’n Father’s Day Picture FrameSustain My Craft Habit

3 Super Hero Father’s Day CraftConservamom

4 Free Printable 3D Fathers Day CardMoms & Munchkins

5 Easy DIY Clay Thumbprint KeychainA Hundred Affections

DIY World’s Best Dad TrophyDrugstore Divas

7 Dad’s Toolbox Free PrintableMoms & Munchkins

Sharpie MugsA Hundred Affections

9 Free Pint of Beer SVGCraft With Sarah

10 Pop Rock’s Father’s day IdeaMoms & Munchkins

11 DIY Beard BalmThe Rising Spoon

12 Father’s Day Footsteps CraftThe Vegas Mom

12 Father's Day Gift to Make With Your Kids | www.thevegasmom.com

I hope you found a great craft to do with your kids for Father’s Day. I’m excited to see my husband’s reaction when he sees what the kids make hi this year. Hopefully, he loves it. I’m sure he will. He always loves what the kids make him.

What are you making for Father’s Day this year?

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