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Father’s Day Footsteps Craft

With Father’s Day this weekend I wanted to make sure the kids got their gift for David done. I wanted to do something we haven’t done yet before. However, I wanted it to be something that showing their age for the future. After thinking for a little I remember a craft we did back when I was a preschool teacher. It was a Father’s Day footsteps craft. We took an adult male’s show and traced it. We had the students cut it out, and then step on the cut out show print with their painted foot.

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I decided to do it a little differently, because I have David’s actual shoes. I painted the bottom of his shoe, and left the imprint on a piece of paper. After that dried, I painted DJ and Brooklyn’s foot in a color they chose, and put their footprint over top of his.

Father's Day Footsteps Craft | www.thevegasmom.com

Father's Day Footsteps Craft | www.thevegasmom.com

I love this craft, because other than being sweet, it is a time stamp. I love that it will show exactly how big their little feet were at this point in time. It was also so simple to do. All I needed was construction paper, and washable paint. I can’t wait to see what David thinks on Sunday, and I hope all the Dads in your life have a wonderful Father’s Day.

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What is your favorite Father’s Day craft?

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