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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for 2-3 Year Olds

Welcome to day 3 of Blogmas, and my second gift guide. Today we have my 2018 holiday gift guide for 2-3 year olds. This was my favorite one to do, because this is more of what I would be buying for my littles. I hope you find this gift guide helpful!

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for 2-3 Year Olds | www.thevegasmom.com

1 Little People Caring for Animals Farm Set

We currently have a Little People set, and my littles love it. I will forever recommend these sets as gifts.

Disney Junior Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie

I am so excited to get this for my littles this year. They are both obsessed with the Muppet Babies!

3 Mega Bloks

Both of my littles love building with these blocks. They’re big enough that they’re not too much of a hassle to clean, or a choking hazard.

4 Little Tikes Cozy Couple

My friend had gotten DJ the Cozy Truck. It’s similar, but a tiny bit bigger. It’s definitely a favorite to play with in the backyard!

5 Mr Bucket Game

We bought this game for DJ last year as well. Warning: If your child likes to put things in their mouth, I would skip this gift.

6 VTech Little Apps Tablet

10/10 would recommend this to any child learning their letters. DJ could already recite the alphabet, but after a few days with this toy he was able to recognize all of the letters. Uppercase and lowercase.

7 VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

This looks like a fun toy to help with colors and numbers.

8 VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

I didn’t realize until just now how much VTech toys I have on my list. They honestly just make great and educational toys. This one I think is awesome, because it’s at their level and will help teach them different sports.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dance & Play Mickey

This is another toy that I know both my littles would love. It dances the Hot Dog Dance.

10 Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle – Wooden Peg Puzzle

Another gift we already own, but it’s awesome to work on correlating animals to their sounds.

11 VTech Turn and Learn Driver

I love this, because it teaches them the sounds that different vehicles make.

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What are your favorite gifts for 2-3 year olds?

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