Children’s Book of the Week: Charlie and the Cheesemonster by Justin C. H. Birch |

Children’s Book of the Week: Charlie and the Cheesemonster by Justin C. H. Birch

I’m back with another book of the week. I took a break, because I really wanted to wait until I had a physical book to share. I do love sharing books that we read from Kindle Unlimited; however, I thought I should get back to sharing physical books. This week’s book is Charlie and the Cheesemonster written by Justin C. H. Birch and illustrated by Sharon Harmer. The best part is I ended up getting this book for only one dollar at Dollar Tree. I found it while we were getting a few things for DJ’s birthday party, and fell in love with the illustrations. It was the final gift we got for DJ.

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Charlie and the Cheesemonster by Justin C. H. Birch

This is such a fun and cute bedtime story. It’s also going be a lot of fun when it’s space week during our homeschool pre-k. This book follows a little boy named Charlie . He makes a rocket with his dad, and after bed he takes it to fly to the moon. Once on the moon he learns the moon is made out of the cheese, and meets a Cheesemonster.

The Cheesemonster shows him why him and the other cheese monsters are able to continue to eat the moon’s cheese. He teaches him about the phases of the moon. Which is my favorite part of the book, because it’s so cute. It’s also a little educational with the actual moon phases.

I would definitely recommend this book to most ages. Specifically, I’d recommend this for ages 3-8. Brooklyn will sit and listen to this book at 2 1/2, but it’s still a little long for her. DJ loves it though. He can sit through it easily, and can actually retain the books information. Charlie and the Cheesemonster is definitely a cute book with even cuter illustrations.

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