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I Wrote a Cookbook!

I can’t believe I’m writing this post. Never in my life did I think I’d be able to sat I wrote a cookbook. Yet here I am writing this post for all of you. This is the most exciting post I’ve ever written, and I can’t stop smiling. I am so grateful to all of you who continue to read my blog. You have all made my dream a reality. A huge shout out to my husband, The Vegas Dad, David for always encouraging me even when I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I wrote a cookbook! | The Vegas Mom

The Vegas Mom vs. Picky Eaters is currently available on the Kindle market. Luckily, everyone can download the Kindle app for free on their smartphones and computers. It is recipes of foods that DJ, my picky eater, will eat. Trust me, if DJ eats it then it’s picky eater approved. The book is broken into four sections; breakfast, lunch, diner, and dessert. My personal favorite section is dessert. However, since most kids aren’t picky with sweets it was hard to narrow down the recipes.

Once again I wanted to thank you all for supporting me. You’ve made one of my dreams come true. I really hope that you enjoy my book, and try out some of the recipes. Most importantly, I hope it helps meal time a little easier with your little ones. These recipes have helped me out big time.

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What is your go to meal for your picky eater?

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