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Children’s Book of the Week: The Magic of Friendship Snow

Welcome to day two of Blogmas! During Blogmas all of the book of the week posts will be holiday or winter themed. I got this week’s book through Kindle Unlimited. This week’s book is The Magic of Friendship Snow by Andi Cann. It was so cute, and I loved reading it to DJ and Brooklyn. It is a bit long at 62 pages; however, half of those are pictures. In addition, each page is no more than four sentences long.

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The Magic of Friendship Snow by Andi Cann

Children's BOTW: The Magic of Friendship Snow |

This book follows a little girl named Jojo as she struggles to make friends. She feels like everyone has friends but her, and she is very lonely. Once Jojo meets Puddles, a snowman made from magic friendship snow, everything changes.

Jojo learns how to be a good friend through Puddles. Unfortunately, once winter is over Puddles has to go until next winter. Jojo is extremely upset. However, Puddles reassures her that she will be able to make more friends.

Jojo meets a little boy named Ned, and they become best friends. Eventually he has to move too. While Jojo is sad she knows it will be okay. She makes sure he will be able to make new friends too.

There is so much more to this book than the little bit that I have shared. I highly recommend this book for ages 2-10. It’s a sweet story about friendship that everyone can take something from. In addition, I think the illustration is absolutely beautiful. This is going to become a winter staple in our household. I think every year DJ and Brooklyn will get something new from it.

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Do you think you’d read this book with your kids? What are your favorite books about friendship?


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