Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive |

Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive

Welcome to day 15 of Blogmas! It’s almost the night children snuggle up in their beds with dreams of Santa Claus. In my opinion, there in nothing more magical than a child’s love of Christmas. I’ve been loving seeing DJ so excited about Santa all month long. I’m pretty sure every single day he reminds me that Santa is coming. I’m going to share with you ways of keeping the magic of Santa alive year after year.

Visit Santa

This is the first on my list, and probably the most obvious. What kid doesn’t love visiting Santa? Okay.. actually a lot of little kids. It still is a great way to keep the magic of Santa alive, and the pictures make great memories. No matter how happy or sad they are.

Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive |

Write Santa a Letter

Have you little one write Santa a letter. The Post Office actually has an entire program for it. They will get a letter back too! Just follow these steps.

Call Santa

Yes, you read that right! Santa has a phone number. It does go directly to voicemail, but it’s still very cute. His phone number is 951-262-3062.

Track Santa

You can track Santa with Google, or you can download one of the many apps on your phone or tablet.

Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive |

Different Wrapping Paper & Handwriting

This one especially applies if you have older children. Make sure Santa uses different wrapping paper to avoid questions. For those with kids who can read; they will most likely notice if Santa has Mom or Dad’s handwriting.

Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive |

Make Footprints

I’ve seen this one all over Pinterest, and I love it. I haven’t looked into all the different ways to do it, but I love the idea of dipping sneaker or boot into flour and making a few steps up to the tree.

Leave Out Milk & Cookies

This is a classic. Make sure to have your little one leave out milk and cookies for Santa. Maybe even some carrots for the reindeer. Don’t forget to drink the milk, and take a big bite or two out of the cookies. I am going to be starting this tradition this year!

Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive |

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How do you keep Santa alive?


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