Staying Organized During Back To School Season |

Staying Organized During Back To School Season

Staying organized during back to school season can seem like a challenge. After a summer of play and relaxation it can seem difficult to get back into the  groove. While Brooklyn & DJ aren’t in school yet, I am planning on starting DJ on preschool homeschooling. I decided to look for things to get for our house to help us stay more organized that I will be able to use every year. A great place to look for items to stay organized with is Wayfair. I compiled a list of my 6 must have items from Wayfair for staying organized during back to school season. These are the items I foresee my family getting the most use out of in the years to come. I love Wayfair for home stuff, we are looking at getting my son this bedroom set, so I was so excited when I realized I could use them for getting my family ready for DJ’s preschool homeschooling.

6 Items To Help Stay Organized During Back To School Season

Writing Desk and Hutch Set

I love this children’s desk set. It had a cork board hutch that is perfect for putting up notes, reminders, and pictures for inspiration. I love that it comes with a chair as well. I feel like it is the perfect desk for my son to grow into.

Desk Organizer

I love this item because I know how easy it is for my desk to get disorganized. I am sure that a child’s desk will get just as disorganized as mine would.

2 Tier Kids Locker

This is perfect for both of my little ones for when they’re in school. Each of them would get their own locker tier out of the two. If they end up in sports, they can each have their own to use for sports gear and school work.

Stackable Pencil Box

This pencil box can hold so much stuff. It’s perfect for keeping in your child’s backpack with all their pens, pencils, markers, highlights, etc.

Monthly Dry Erase Board

This is my favorite item on the list. I know that we can put everything on our phones, but honestly I never check my calendar or I ignore the notifications. This is a great way to stay on top of certain assignments that might be due, school trips, and parent teacher conferences. I love the fact that each month you can erase it and start all over again. It’s like a fresh start.

2 Drawers Filing Cabinet

For me this is the most important item I’ve put on the list. I only have two children, as of now, so this is the perfect size for my family. You can always purchase more than one or a different size filing if you have a bigger family. Each child is going to have their own drawer, and in the drawer will be files labeled preschool through 12th grade. I’ll probably also have one just for health records as well. This is the most important to me, because it’s a way of saving everything your child does in the most organized manner possible.

Check out how I stay on top of my time during nap time here.
What do you use for staying organized during back to school season?


  • kesi

    Nice list! I sure need to invest in some of these things and figure out a plan, bc school started 2 weeks ago and were already all types of disorganized!

  • Lilian Snow

    Ha. I wish I can get half as organized as you are in this back to school season! My 3 kids are all back to school and it would be an understatement if I say we are anywhere close to organized!

  • Gabriella

    Oh well. When you are a mom with a full-time job, been organized is not really on your agenda. Though I try my best but it has not been always easy.
    I think I picked up a few more ideas from this post already. Thank you for the piece!

  • Michelle

    This is really a great start if you ask me. Well for me, a stack filling drawers are all I used to store stuffs and get as organized as I can be.

  • Rebecca Sharks

    Hehehe. Your list just made my day. I can’t believe I’ve spent half the day trying to draft something I can use to keep my family organized this season. This I guess is all I need for a start. Thanks a lot.

  • Vivian

    This should be called “the Back To School Season List.” I bet every mom with school kids would definitely need this. It may be basic but still highlights everything one needs to stay organized. My kids taught me that anyway! Lol

  • Kabirat

    Uhh. Your boys must have the best back to school season already. Mine are obviously still far from getting their stuff together and I don’t blame them. It’s been a busy holiday and no one has the vibe to hit school yet.

  • Ajas

    Wow. Brooklyn and Dj are really lucky if you ask me. I just have one son and it’s really a struggle for us to stay organized. Say hi to them for me!

  • Isabella

    Staying organized during the back to school season is not really easy but one just have to. I bet this list would go a long way to make my work easier. Thanks for this.

  • Dammy

    I really need this desk organizer, not just for my daughter but for me too. Wayfair sure has amazing stuffs for this season.

  • Pearl

    Aha. Just what I needed. Thanks a lot, Vegas Mom for taking out time to post this here, especially for some people like me who just can’t sit down and get this done!

  • Lady Grasha

    Woah! That bedroom set is lit! What I would do is to get it for my son too. He’s also starting preschool and I’m sure he’ll love it. Thanks for the resource.

  • Francisca

    What do I use to stay organized during back to school season? C’mon you’re asking the wrong person. Lol! This is exactly why we have people like you to make the work easier for us. Thanks a lot for the list. It proves very helpful.

  • Samantha

    Wow. Interesting. I never even thought of half of these, especially that monthly dry erase board. It’s a must-have for me right now! Good thing I visited here in the nick of time.

  • Juliet Emmanuel

    This is just a replica of my list but without a writing desk and hutch set. But this is a good idea and I’ll sure add it to my own list. The cork board hutch would also come in handy.

  • Maria

    Ahhh. See why I always recommend your blog to friends. You sure make this an easy and interesting task, especially for those of us who have very tight schedules to work with. Thanks a lot. Say hi to your kids for me.

  • joyce

    I’m surely going to be bookmarking this page. Would have to come back here soon for help when my kids resume for another session. It’s been wonderful reading your blog. Keep it up.

  • Pamela

    Wow. A very amazing piece of info here. Who knew I could get a good resource here to help me out with this back to school season. You totally rock!

  • Philberta

    Monthly Dry Erase Board?! Where do I get this?! I desperately need this asap!! My month would, no doubt, be organized for the better if I have this!

  • Charlie Leo

    Haha. You make all these look very easy to achieve. But when I set out to do it, I just get stuck along the way. I wish the inspiration can come and stay very easily.

  • Juliet Bob

    This is a classic and a very comprehensive list for the school season. I hope I can get them all at Wayfair. I don’t want to shoot halfway and start looking for extra time to go search for the rest. Thanks

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