• Creating a Homeschool Pre-K Schedule

    Creating a Homeschool Pre-K Schedule

     When deciding the what to do for DJ starting Pre-K we decided to homeschool. I’m a stay at home mom, and I used to be a preschool teacher. It was an easy choice. The hardest thing for me was to figure out a schedule to follow. Creating a homeschool Pre-K schedule took a little bit of planning. I wanted to figure out the right amount of time to teach. Another thing I needed to figure out was what to focus on. DJ is pretty up to speed with everything. The only thing he really needs to work on learning to write and read.  So that is there first thing I…

  • Three Back to School Outfits 2019 | www.thevegasmom.com

    Three Back to School Outfits

    Back to school is around the corner here in Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure in other areas as well. I was so used to school starting after Labor Day from when I lived in NY, but here it’s different. We are doing homeschool Pre-K for DJ, and I’m still deciding when I want to start. Even though we are doing homeschool for Pre-K I wanted to go back to school shopping for him. I wanted him to get just as excited for new things for school like I used to. I decided to check out Rockets of Awesome to create some cute back to school outfits. Everything was purchased in…

  • BOTW: Hear, See, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words | www.thevegasmom.com

    Children’s Book of the Week: ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words

    The book this week is a bit different. ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words is an educational book. David & I have decided to start teaching DJ how to read. He will be 4 at the end of August, but we believe he’s ready to learn to read and write now. Honestly, we aren’t that far into the book, but he is already making progress. I have the book on his iPad using Kindle Unlimited, but we are going to buy the physical copy soon. This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission off of your purchase at no additional cost to you. ABC Hear,…

  • BOTW: Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? | www.thevegasmom.com

    Book of the Week: Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? by Eleanor Hudson

    This week’s book of the weeks is Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? by Eleanor Hudson. They love Elmo a lot. Which makes this book a huge hit. My Mom actually got this book for DJ and Brooklyn at Kohl’s a while back. One of the things I love about this book in particulate is that my mom bought it at Kohl’s, because it was part of their Kohl’s Cares program. That mean 100% of the new profit was donated to childcare’s initiatives in communities nationwide. This story follows Elmo around as he is up in the sky after being flown into the air while flying a…