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Why You Should Always Back Up Your Blog

Why You Should Always Back Up Your Blog

Always back up your blog. Always. I learned this the hard way a few days ago. I had posted a new post in the morning, and had spent the better part of the day promoting it to all different social medias. Since I’m a stay at home mom most of my day is spent taking care of them, and playing with them.

I went to go back on my blog around 7 o’clock at night when I saw I had a few emails letting me know I had quite few comments. To my horror I couldn’t get on to the admin page, and nobody could view my blog. It crashed. After several hours I got it back up and running. After a lot of help from my host’s support team… and hours of waiting on hold.

Unfortunately, I had lost 4 posts that had already gone up.. and a future scheduled post. Luckily, I had posts up at all. I spent the next day rewriting all of my lost posts.

Please, always back up your blog.

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