Summer Infant Digital Touchscreen Monitor Review |

Summer Infant Digital Touchscreen Monitor | Review

Review: Summer Infant Digital Touchscreen Monitor

It’s crazy to think that our family never had a baby monitor until after my son was two. We didn’t really think we needed one since both of the little ones has their cribs in our room. The only times we sometimes wished we did was when we had friend over after bedtime, and we didn’t want to keep the door open and risk waking them. Right before our wedding this past October our neighbor was moving. She asked us if we wanted a baby monitor she has found while packing, and it was never opened. It was the Summer Infant digital touchscreen monitor.

Summer Infant Digital Touchscreen Monitor Review |

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We never tried any other monitors, so I don’t have anything else to compare it to, but we love this monitor. The first night we actually put this monitor to use was the night of our rehearsal dinner. We hosted it at our house, because there was around thirty to forty people invited. We had mostly out-of-town guests. It was so nice that once bedtime rolled around I was able to close them in the room, and use the monitor to watch on them both.

There are some cool features that I think make this monitor amazing. The number one feature I love about the monitor is that it can easily pan the room while in use. I am able to look at one crib, and then with an arrow on the touchscreen press all the way to the other crib. There is a zoom option as well. Another feature I love is the two-way talk. I can press a button on the top of the monitor and talk to them through the monitor, just make sure to hold the button down the entire time you talk. My only negative is that the battery dies quicker than I would have hoped.

Summer Infant Digital Touchscreen Monitor Review |

I would 100% recommend this monitor, or the newer version to anyone looking for a new monitor. This monitor is highly recommend it for anyone having two under two. I have an entire post about having two under two here.

If you’re thinking about buying a monitor, I will link to the newer version of the monitor below.


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