Book of the Week: Lionheart |

Book of the Week: Lionheart by Richard Collingridge

This is the first post in my new weekly series. It is going to be my book of the week series. The plan is going to be to post every Tuesday. It’s going to be a mix of children’s books, and books that I have recently read. I’m starting off this series with a children’s book called Lionheart by Richard Collingridge. It’s one of the books DJ asks me to read to him before he goes to sleep for his nap. He usually has a different book or two for bedtime.

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Lionheart by Richard Collingridge

Book of the Week: Lionheart |

DJ was given Lionheart by my friend Jody as a gift for Christmas when he was one. I had tried to read it to him when he had first received it, but it was a little too old for him. He liked short books at that time, with mostly just pictures. Recently, I decided to read it to him again. It quickly became one of his favorites.

Lionheart is about a little boy, Richard, with a stuffed lion that he calls Lionheart. During the story Richard runs away, because he believes monsters are chasing him . He finds himself in a jungle with lots of animal. There he finds his Lionheart is no longer a stuffed animal, but a giant lion. Lionheart helps him overcome his fear of monsters.

I love this story, because it teaches DJ that he does not need to be scared of what he thinks are monsters. DJ loves to compare the little boy’s Lionheart toy to his Snoopy that he sleeps with every nap time and bedtime. After we read Lionheart, DJ talks about how Snoopy will keep him safe too.

Book of the Week: Lionheart by Richard Collingridge |

highly recommend for anyone with three to five year olds to read this story. I’m sure older kids would enjoy reading this story themselves as well.
If you have any book recommendations that you want me to cover, or just ones that you love, let me know in the comments!

What is your favorite book to read to your little?
What kind of message does it have?



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