Should We Have Another Baby? |

Should We Have Another Baby?

Is it okay to have more than two kids?

I won’t lie to you I have always wanted a big family. There was a point in time where I wanted five kids. That is definitely not the plan anymore. However, I do really want another child. That would make three children in total. David goes back and forth between wanting another baby. The real question is should we have another baby?

The thing that gets to me is how everyone has decided for me that I’m done.┬áPeople love to say, “You have a boy and a girl! How perfect! Now you’re done.” Excuse me? I understand that people don’t mean to be anything but nice. It is just frustrating. I don’t know why it became this big deal for people to want more than two kids. I don’t understand why people think that having a boy and a girl would mean we were finished. We didn’t decide to have children to have a boy and a girl. We had children to start a family.

Should We Have Another Baby? |

The other comment we hear a lot is that children are expensive. Why would we want to add more financial stress to our family? I don’t believe it would make a huge difference. We already have two children. We’ve been paying for diapers for almost 4 years now. It’s already in the budget. We have an abundance of both boys and girls clothes, and an abundance of toys. Children may be expensive, but I believe they are a blessing.

The final thing people always mention is that we will never have any time for ourselves again. That is extremely untrue. One day all of our children will be grown. When that day comes we will have all the time in the world. Aside from when they grow up we have date nights. We have alone time all the time after bedtime.

The answer to the question is I don’t know if we should have another baby? I just don’t believe anybody should have a say other than us. Nobody should have a say in if you choose to have more kids or not either.


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How many kids do you have?

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