Bath Time Essentials For Baby |

Bath Time Essentials For Baby

I remember the first time I gave each of my little ones their first bath. It was so terrifying. I think the thought of giving such a small tiny human a bath while holding their heads up and making sure you don’t get water in their faces is a bit nerve-wracking. One thing that helped me is making sure that I had all of the bath time essentials for baby ready and in reach. It is important to remember not to fully submerge your baby until after their umbilical cord completely falls off. I created a list of bath time essentials to help you out to help make this less of a scary situation.

Bath Time Essentials For Baby |


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Bath Time Essentials For Baby

Baby Bath Tub

I have two different options for this one that I recommend.
Either the Blooming Bath which I used for both of my babies in the sink, or an actual baby tub which I also used when I stopped giving sink baths.

Bath Time Essentials For Baby |


Baby Bath Wash

I highly recommend using Aveeno. Of course, the choice is up to you alone. Our pediatrician recommended it for us to use, because of how sensitive newborn skin is.
We still use it now, because Brooklyn has eczema.

Baby Lotion

We use Aveeno for this as well, but for Brooklyn we also use Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme in the areas her tends to get the eczema.
Both of my little ones had eczema as newborns. DJ’s went away, his was on his forehead, while Brooklyn’s did not.

Baby Washcloths

During bath time, one thing that helped my nerves a lot was using a washcloth. It made rinsing off certain areas much easier. I’d make sure what ever ones you get are soft. I was gifted some that were a little bit too rough for a newborn.

Baby Hooded Towel

I definitely think a hooded towel is important. Newborn babies can’t regulate their temperatures, and the hood help prevent them from getting too cold.

Bath Time Essentials For Baby |



Please remember that these are just my bath time essentials. While these are the things I recommend, they are not the only way to do things. You can check out my newborn must haves here.

Let me know in the comments what your bath time essentials for baby are.


  • Brittany Vantrease

    I remember trying to avoid giving my first son a bath for the longest time. He was sponge bathed for like two months before my mom just gave him a bath in the sink. I was so distraught that she gave him his first real bath, but it finally conquered my fears. We had a little collapsible bath tub with a green froggy sponge holder thing that kept him in place. After him, we just laid the other babies in a little bit of water in the bath tub and washed them that way. It was too much of a hassle to pull everything out when we had a toddler following us everywhere.

    • Samantha

      The first bath for the first baby is definitely terrifying. As long as they get clean it doesn’t matter how you get it done.

  • Tal

    My twin boys are four years old and we still use hooded towels and Aveeno products. They are have sensitive and and itchy skin so Aveeno Soothes them! I did use that infant blue tub thingy for my boys too. Definitely must haves!

  • Tiffani

    Awe… I wish my babies were still little!! We love our blooming bath flower. I think this is so helpful for new mamas to read!!!

  • Kelsi

    I also use the Aveeno wash and an adorable hooded towel — haven’t had much luck on the bathtub though, have tried 3 different ones and no luck for ease of use. I think that blooming flower one looks pretty awesome so might try that. Thanks for the suggestions!

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