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My Most Used Baby Products

I remember when I was pregnant with DJ, I would search for hours every day to make sure I had every single item I needed. We bought all of the must have items. I will be totally honest when I say that I bought way too much. When I was pregnant with Brooklyn I bought a few more things. I’ll admit that I may have a shopping problem. I’ve compiled quite a few lists to help new parents from making the same mistakes as me. This list isn’t area specific though. This is my most used baby products in general. Remember that just because these products worked for me, they might not be the right fit for your family.

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My Most Used Baby Products

Halo SleepSack Swaddle

These two products helped me so much with sleep, and having a peace of mind about making sure my little weren’t cold at night. I used the swaddle during the first three months, and it made life so much easier. David & I both sucked at swaddling, and using the Halo SleepSack Swaddle helped us breathe easier knowing the swaddle wouldn’t come loose and cover faces.

Graco Swing

I didn’t have a baby swing with DJ, and I seriously wish I did. Brooklyn loved her swing, and I was able to get things done around the house. DJ needed to be held at all time, and I know that this would have made those first months of nonstop crying so much easier.

Graco Pack n Play

I loved this pack n play! I used it with both of my littles. The napper part was the only part DJ would sleep on for months, and the changing station made changing diapers a breeze. I still use the pack n play today with Brooklyn. When I need to leave the living room I’ll put her inside, because she thinks she’s a stuntman. It helps to avoid unnecessary ouchies.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

I think this was my number one most used item, because I used it multiple times a day through the first year for both Brooklyn & DJ. I have it saved just incase there is ever a baby number three.  It made life so much easier. No mixing, sterilizing, or bottle warming.

Graco Infant Car Seat & Stroller System

I loved having this combo. It made life getting in and out of the car extremely easy. I loved being able to click them in and out of the car seat base. I’d either click them into the stroller or carry them into the house.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor

I love my baby monitor. This isn’t the exact same one, because I couldn’t find it for you. I’m pretty sure they don’t even make it anymore. This seems to be the newer model of the one I have. If we have baby number three one day, I’d get this one. We actually didn’t even get a baby monitor until Brooklyn was around 9 months old, but we have used it every single day since then for the past almost year.

Dr Brown’s Bottles

I love Dr Brown’s bottles. I used the original wide neck ones with DJ, and the narrow options bottles with Brooklyn. The options bottles are amazing. Once you don’t need the vent anymore you can actually remove it. Which is great for when it comes to cleaning the bottles. If we have baby number three, I would get the option bottles in the wide neck.

If you’re pregnant and need a baby registry, I recommend getting one on Amazon. You will receive a welcome box, and you get a 10% completion discount (15% for Prime members) on up to 2 orders. I hope you find my most used baby products helpful. You can check out my newborn must haves here and my hospital bag essentials here.

What were your most used baby products?


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