Children's Book of the Week: Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman |

Children’s Book of the Week: Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman

It’s that time of the week again! Time to share with you a new book of the week: Vegetables in Underwear. This week is another children’s book that is on Kindle Unlimited. I have realized that I need to go buy some more book for DJ & Brooklyn, because right now all the good books are on my iPad. Hopefully, I can go get some this weekend. For now there will be Kindle Unlimited books for the next weeks.

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Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman

We are loving Vegetables in Underwear this week, because DJ and Brooklyn think it’s funny to talk about underwear. DJ loves to point out that he wears underwear, but Brooklyn is still in a diaper. Brooklyn is starting to want to wear big girl underwear. Hopefully, this means we are the right track to potty training. I told her that next time we go to Target we can get her some new underwear. We will see if she remembers. DJ loves that there are different names for different underwear. Before he was basically calling all of it undies. Now he loves to point out that he has underpants or briefs. I guess those are his two favorite words. However, he does have regular underwear and boxer briefs. Which is where the two names are coming from.

Children's Book of the Week: Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman |

One the main things I love about this book is that they love to continuously points out all the different types of vegetables. I feel like it’s definitely helps them learn new words and foods. This has been especially awesome for Brooklyn. Her vocabulary has expanded a lot from all these vegetables. They love to stay on the last page of this book, and have me ask where a certain vegetable is. Sometimes they get it wrong, but most of the time they get it right. It has been awesome to see how much they love learning the new vegetables.

Children's Book of the Week: Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman |

I would recommend this book to ages five and under. I’m sure this book would work for older kids, but I really feel it’s for younger children. It is especially great for kids who are learning about different vegetables. In addition, I think it is great to read before potty training. This book can help get them excited to transition out of diapers and into underwear.

You can check out my last book of the week here. It’s all about helping you little learn to read.

What is your current favorite book to read with your little one(s)?

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