My Top Three Baby Registries |

My Top Three Baby Registries

When I was pregnant with both DJ and Brooklyn I used Babies R Us for my registry. Unfortunately, they closed down and I can’t recommend them like I used to. I thought it would be a good idea to research different baby registries that were out there. This way when someone inevitably asks me which one I recommend I can let them know. I narrowed it down to my top three baby registries for you. I’m going to give you the benefits of these registries along with any cons there may be, but to be honest I can’t see any cons about a registry.

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My Top Three Baby Registries

Amazon Baby Registry

This is my favorite when it comes to getting gifts off of somebody else’s registry. Especially since I’m a Prime member. This registry has more perks if you are a Prime member as well. One big perk is that you get 15% completion discount, instead of the normal 10% discount. You will also receive a welcome box, and within the first week after creating your registry you will receive a free select parent ebook. You can add anything off of their site, and you can easily return any item within 90 days. Another perk is that you can create and update this registry all from your phone as well as your computer.


Babylist is probably one of the coolest registries I’ve ever seen. You will receive a Hello Baby Box, but since I’m not actually pregnant I didn’t feel right going through all the steps to receive it. You o have to pay the $4.95 in shipping, but you also will receive a $10 Babylist gift card. The coolest part of this registry, in my opinion, is that you can opt to get favors and help instead of an actual item. That is something I feel is beyond anything money can buy. Another cool thing you can do is start cash funds for multiple things; life insurance, diapers, meals, and even adoption! There 10% completion discount is a one time use, and it only for items actually sold on the Babylist website. You can add items from any site to your Babylist registry with a browser extension. The discount is available for 60 days prior to your due date until 6 months after. That is pretty awesome.

My Top Three Baby Registries |

My Top Three Baby Registries |

Target Baby Registry

One thing I love about the Target Baby Registry is that you can shop for their products in store as well as online. I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to Target. I’ll go in for a gift for somebody else, and end up filling up my cart completely. What can I say, it’s a bit of a problem. After you create your registry you can receive a welcome box in store at guest services. Eight weeks before you due date you will get a 15% completion discount for everything still left in your registry. You can use it once in stores and once online. Also, you get a year to return items off of your registry.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, if I were to have baby number three I would sign up for all three registries. I don’t think I could pick. I love everything about all three, and I feel like it gives the people who love you different options when it comes to how they choose to purchase a gift for your little one. That is why I chose them as my top three baby registries.

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Which registries did you use when you were pregnant? Have you used any of the three I mentioned above?


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