Self Care Night |

Self Care Night

These past few months have been draining emotionally, mentally, and physically. I tend to ignore my problems until either they go away or I have no choice but to do something. Two weeks ago I started taking care of the physical part of my problems, but I still wasn’t doing much for my emotional and mental state. I decided it was time to recharge my batteries a little with a self care night. Honestly, I used to do these at least once a week, but life happens and other things took priority. My self care nights are pretty simple, but they usually get the job done.

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Self Care Night Routine:

Run a bath

Self Care Night |

Self Care Night |

I decided to use a combination of three lavender products I got as a present for my birthday; lavender bath salts, lavender bubble bath, and a lavender bath bomb. I find that at night when I try to sleep I can’t relax. Lavender helps my mind to calm down.

Light a candle

Self Care Night |

I like to set the mood by lighting a candle. My bath is most relaxing with the lights off and a candle lit. I’m using a pumpkin pie candle, because I am definitely ready for the fall.

Read a book

Self Care Night |

I read on my phone with Kindle Unlimited. I love that I can read as many books as I want in a month for one set price, and I tend to read at least 4-5 books a week. Since I’m reading on the app on my phone I make sure I’m extra careful not to drop my phone into the bath. I decided to start a new book series. This book is called The Line by J D Horn. So far, I really like it.

Put on comfortable clothes

After my bath I make sure to put on something extremely comfortable. I always go with sweatpants and a sweater. I know it’s the summer still, and temperatures are over 100, but we keep house cool. I didn’t get around to taking a picture of me in the sweatpants, and trust me you’re not missing anything.

Make some tea

Self Care Night |

I love tea. It always helps me unwind. My favorite is English Breakfast tea. The caffeine in tea doesn’t keep my awake, which I love. Sometimes I’ll make cookies during the day, and eat them at night. My favorite cookies to make are shortbread cookies.

Watch something on Netflix

Self Care Night |

If it’s still on the earlier side, like tonight, I will put something on the TV from Netflix. This night I chose Criminal Minds. Honestly, I usually pick Criminal Minds. It’s one of my favorite shows.

Turn on oil diffuser

Self Care Night |

Before I go to sleep I turn on my essential oil diffuser. I like to diffuse lavender and cedar wood.

Go to sleep

Self Care Night |

My final step is to go to sleep without checking my phone. I want to avoid my phone at all costs, unless I’m setting an alarm for David, because then I will get sucked into social media. Most night DJ ends up in our bed, but thats okay with me.


What is your self care night routine? How often do you have one?


  • Brittany Vantrease

    In college, I used to take a really hot shower, then get into my pjs, grab a bag of oreos and a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle into my bed and watch a movie or read. I was all snug and warm and comfy. Now, I take a bath with some bath bombs or run whatever bath wash I have lying around and get interrupted a 100 times by the kids or dogs opening our door which doesn’t latch properly. Then I yell down the stairs for my husband to ask him to bring me a towel because I forgot one. I end up drip drying in the tub and make a mad dash to my bedroom, hoping that all the kids are all asleep in their beds, unable to see, then quickly get dressed and then put the kids to bed for the 100000th time, before finally getting to sleep.

  • Cindy

    Omg! Yes!! Love love love this article. Publishing one of disconnecting yourself next week. Would love to add a link to this post to refer too as well.
    Self care is so important! Recharging is a must!!

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