Mother's Day Gift Guide |

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up, but we’re all still going to be under stay at home orders. This makes the flowers, massage gifts cards, and nail salon gift cards not really possible at the moment. I wanted to put together a Mother’s Day gift guide that could be easily bought off Amazon. I’m hoping that there is something for all different types of Moms.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Teabloom Complete Tea Set: Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with 12 Flowering Teas, Tea Warmer, 4 Double Wall Teacups & Removable Glass Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea – Celebration Flowering Tea Gift Set

Mother's Day Gift Guide |

This is definitely the most expensive thing on the list. It’s great for the Mom who loves tea. It comes with 12 different flowering teas as well as the teapot, teacups, and infuser.

Quarantine and Chill Candle

This is a 9 oz candle that smells like freshly baked cookies. It has a 50 hour burn time. This is the only year you’d be able to buy something like this for your mom. It’s a funny gift that smells good. A great way to bring some humor to this stressful situation.

Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set

Mother's Day Gift Guide |

This cheese board is made out of 100% bamboo. It comes with four pieces of cutlery. There is also grooves around the edges for crackers or nuts. This is a great gift for the mom who loves to host, but can’t right now. It’s a great reminder that this time won’t last forever, and she’ll be back to hosting get togethers soon enough.

Microgreens Trio Terracotta Grow Kit by TotalGreen Holland

This is perfect for the mom who loves to garden, or wants to start. It comes with three growing pots, pelletts with nutrients, and three seed packets. The seed packets are for garden cress, basil, and arugula.

Host 3308 Freeze Stemless Margarita, Insulated Frozen Cocktail Plastic Glass Set of 2 Cups

Summer is coming, and in some areas it’s already hot (like here in Vegas). This is a great gift for the mom who loves a good frozen margarita or daiquiri. Honestly, and cold drink would be great in these cups. You pop these cups in the freezer for around two hours to make sure they keep your drinks cold.


I hope this short list helped give you some ideas, or at least inspire some ideas, for the moms in your life. In these crazy times it can be hard to think about things like shopping for Mother’s Day. However, it’s always nice to do something for the Moms in your life.

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What are you getting the Moms in you life for Mother’s Day?

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