Simple Calm Down Bottle |

Simple Calm Down Bottle

The terrible twos are a very real thing, and Brooklyn has a terrible case. I have been looking for ways to try to get her to calm down. I remembered that when I was a preschool teacher they had calm down bottles. Which led me to trying to make my own simple calm down bottle.  This is only my first attempt. My goal is to make a bunch of different kinds. Next time, I want to have Brooklyn and DJ pick out their own colors and things to put inside.

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Simple Calm Down Bottle

Items Needed

Water Bottle (I used a Core Water bottle, because that is my favorite water)
Food Coloring (Use however many drops you want for your desired color)
Glitter Glue (I used around 3 tablespoons)
Glitter or Luster Dust
Glue Gun

Simple Calm Down Bottle |

How to Assemble

I started by taking the label off the water bottle. After that I put the glitter glue into the bottom of the bottle.

Fill up the bottle with warm water almost all the way to the top. Add in food color as many drop as it takes to get to your desired color. I wanted a dark blue, so I added around 6 drops of blue. After that I added in the luster dust I used. The final step is to glue down the top using a hot glue gun.

Simple Calm Down Bottle |


Make sure you SHAKE a lot to make sure everything mixes together. Here’s hoping that this does the trick in calming my little sour patch kid down.
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Have you ever made a calm down bottle or sensory bottle before? How did you make yours?

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