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  • Family Friendly Las Vegas: The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat |
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    Family Friendly Las Vegas: The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

    Last month my Mom came to visit. Whenever she is here we always stay on the Las Vegas Strip as a family. Check out my tips for staying on the strip with young children. One of our favorite things to take the kids to is the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. I always liked going before having DJ and Brooklyn, but now I love it even more. There is something so magical about seeing something through your little one’s eyes. It is definitely going to be somewhere we go at least once or twice a year when my Mom comes into town. The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is located at the Flamingo Hotel…

  • Ethel M's Cactus Garden Holiday Lights |
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    Ethel M’s Cactus Garden Holiday Lights

    One of my favorite places to go see every year since we moved to Las Vegas is Ethel M’s Cactus Garden holiday lights. It is one of my favorite holiday tradition that we started together. I love that we bring our little ones now too. It is so  beautiful to see their eyes light up in awe at all the beautiful lights. The Cactus Garden is open to the public for free all year round, but from November 6 to January 6 they light up the entire garden with Christmas lights. The garden opens every day at 8 am, but the lights don’t go on until the sun goes down. During…

  • Michael's Kids Club |
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    Michaels Kids Club

    I’m always looking for new things to do with DJ & Brooklyn that is both fun and inexpensive. I want to take them to different places. I finally listened to my friend about going to the Michaels Kids Club on Saturday. It was definitely a lot of fun. They have two different crafts depending on the age group. When we went the theme was hedgehogs. DJ was ecstatic. Every Saturday from 10 am to noon Michaels has their Kids Club. They have a 3+ craft for $2 and a 6+ craft for $5. We did the 3+ hedgehog craft for DJ, and they gave Brooklyn markers and paper to color.…

  • Family Friends Las Vegas | The Neon Museum -
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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | The Neon Museum

    This past February I went with my husband and friends to The Neon Museum. It was definitely a beautiful and educational experience. We went on an hour-long guided tour where we learned about Las Vegas history. I definitely will be going again, and taking DJ and Brooklyn with us. My advice is to pick a time after it gets dark for your tour. It can be really hot during the day for most of year. Also, the 11 restored signs looks beautiful at night. To order your tickets for the tour you go on their website and choose the time slot you want to go on. They have quite a…

  • Family Friendly Las Vegas | Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens -
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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

    One of my favorite places to go each season in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The conservatory is located next to the Hotel Lobby, and is 14,000 square feet. Flowers, plants, and tree create almost the entire space. It takes a horticulture staff of 120 to maintain the conservatory, and 90% of the flowers, trees, and plants are recycled. The Bellagio Conservatory changes every seasons, plus Chinese New Year. They are open year round, except  June 11-16, September 9-14, and November 25 – December 1.   For the summer the theme is That’s Amore. It was breathtaking. I have been there quite a few times, and this was…

  • Tips For Staying On The Las Vegas Strip With Young Children |
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    Tips For Staying On The Las Vegas Strip With Young Children

    Living in Las Vegas with two toddlers has given me a lot of first hand experience with staying at hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with young children. My family loves to have little staycations, and we tend to get a lot of comp nights on the Strip. Also, when my Mom comes into town we tend to spend most of our time on the Strip. We went from going without kids, to going with one baby, to now going with two toddlers. I have found that while it can be a bit more of a hassle at times, it’s actually pretty easy to have a good time and have…

  • Family Friendly Las Vegas - Fractured Prune |
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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Fractured Prune

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to finally go the Fractured Prune. I definitely believe that coming here is a must, especially if you’re like me & my little ones, and LOVE donuts. Fractured Prune’s donuts are delicious. I was so impressed. They make all donuts to order, however you want. You fill out a sheet with how many donuts you want. You can choose from their list of options or customize them however you see fit with the glazes and toppings that they have. I’m actually so upset that somehow I misplaced our sheet, and can’t find the picture I took. I tried at least one bite…

  • Family Friendly Las Vegas: Silverton Casino Free Aquarium |
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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Silverton Casino Free Aquarium

    One of my favorite places to take my little ones is the Silverton Casino free aquarium. Normally, we will go to the buffet and then follow that up with the aquarium. On a good day we will catch the mermaid. For a schedule of when to see the mermaid, or live feeding you can check their website here. I’ve always liked the cylinder aquarium. It is beautiful. I love the aquarium even more now. Seeing things through DJ and Brooklyn’s eyes is such an amazing experience. DJ wants us to get fish for the house now. Both of them will just stare at the fish for as long as we…

  • 5 Must Visit Places On The Las Vegas Strip For Families
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    5 Must Visit Places On The Las Vegas Strip For Families

    I feel as though a very common idea is that Las Vegas is not for families. That may be true if you’re only coming to Las Vegas to gamble and drink; however, if you’re coming to have an actual family vacation than you can easily achieve just that. There are many places all over Las Vegas for families to go. This is just a list of my five favorites on the Las Vegas Strip for families. If you decide to have a dinner for just the adults I recommend Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, which you can read about in this blog post. 1) Circus Circus Adventuredome Adventuredome is an indoor theme…

  • Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen
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    Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

    This past Valentine’s Day David surprised me with a trip to Hell’s Kitchen. We both love Gordon Ramsay which made this one of the best surprises. David has definitely watched more than me, I’m pretty sure he has watched every single season. I’m a few seasons behind. When you first walk up you see the Hell’s Kitchen symbol. The wall when walk through the doors has photos of all the past season’s winners. The service was excellent and we didn’t encounter one rude person in the restaurant.   I didn’t get any pictures of the kitchen area, it was split down the middle red and blue just like the show.…